Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's What

So, this is my first post.

The idea first came to me after spending several days scouring the internet for information on transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without chopping it all off (i dont have the bone stucture for short short hair) and getting sisterlocks.

Hopefully, this blog will share my experiences with both.

I'll write about how I'm managing my multi-textured hair, convincing my mother to let me get my locks put in, saving money, etc. My mother promised (and she's pretty good about keeping her word) that next summer I can get my sisterlocks done, as long as my grades stay on honor roll and i get my weight down. That's something I'll keep a record of too.

So here are my starting stats:
New Growth: ≈ 3/4 to 1 inch
Waist: 47.5 inches
Pants Size: 16
Shirt size: XL or XXL

I'll update those once a month, so you'll here about them on... August 29.

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