Monday, August 1, 2011

Totally Loving My Hair Again!!!


Lol, I'm excited, can't you tell? I decided to take my senior portraits at a later date, and very cheerily dunked my head into a sink of water. Then I ran it through with a mix of honey and olive oil, doused it with water and a Vo5 run through, and was wholly thrilled to see my corkscrews and coils popping back up!

Apparently, my hair cut (which, if you recall, I got after getting my hair blown out, so i wasn't sure how much of my relaxed ends had been cut) took off more of my ends than I had originally thought: pretty much obsolete except for about a centimeter or less in a few areas in the back center of my head. And, evidently, my hair was just bursting to be free of its ragtag relaxed ends because now its curing up like I've never seen before! Yesterday I could not help from sticking my fingers in my hair and fondling each and every little spring (I even christened one my "favorite" for its tightly coiled texture and perfectly formed shape).

I'll admit though, that the hairs on the top of my head, just above the crown, seem to refuse to spiral at all (neither does the front, but I do manage to get some nice S shaped curls, so i don't mind). Instead, it just barley manages to clump together in a sort of fluffy wave. I'm not sure if this is a result of that hair texture, or if it's the result of badly damaged, poorly manage hair. Or, if this part of my hair grows slowly and it is still gripping tightly to its previously relaxed way of life.

Before I go, here are some websites that I have gotten some great info from:





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Oh, and of course, YouTube for countless minutes of wisdom and comedy.


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