Monday, November 21, 2011

(Another) Quick Minute!

A while back I tried a twist-out. Actually, I've tried several twist-out: none have done it for me. Apparently my hairy was to thin and fine for it to work...
And if the twist weren't pitifully sized, then I'd tried it on bone dry tangled hair... which is probably not the best state to do anything with your hair.

Alas, I gave up and said that I'd just have to be a wash-and-go kinda girl.

But then, Saturday night, I had just conditioned (honey+oliveoil+conditioner+deepconditioner) and cleaned (apple cider vinegar) and decided to be proactive about breakage by doing more than haphazardly twisting or pulling it in a ponytail before bed. I pulled up a tutorial on doing flat twist, which i did to my bang area (I was SO PROUD of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) before realizing that I was not quite efficient enough to do over my entire head, so I did regular twists over the remainder of my head (about 10-13).
The next morning ( we went to the UniverSOUL Circus) and I undid each twist, separated (is a must for my type of hair), fluffed the roots, and voila! It was so fly! And was not going to pull on my edges! Im rocking it again today (re twisted last night), but I'm def. going to was it tonight before I twist.

I'll try to post some pics of it l8er!

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